How can an exhibition become a contact zone?

Based on a collaboration with the Tallinn based cultural worker Airi Triisberg and CuMMA Professor Nora Sternfeld, the two-seminar in Tallinn focused on educational strategies and related curatorial questions. We visited three key institutions of contemporary art in Tallinn, in order to discuss and explore the possibilities of an art exhibition as a learning environment.

First, we visited Kumu—the headquarters of Art Museum of Estonia—and its educational centre, where we reflected how they operate in a context where the power discourses of nation and state are both produced and contested.

Secondly, we visited the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia (CCA), which main objectives include collecting and distributing information about contemporary art, while promoting and mediating Estonia’s art scene in international art events.

On the last day we met one of the founders of the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM)—Anders Härm, who shared history of EKKM as a counter-institution.