The Venice research trip was part of a course called Transnational Practices and Policies. The course fostered hands-on industry-based learning experiences outside of Finland and encouraged students to meet and dialogue with international mentors and peers. As aspiring curators and exhibition makers, the course encouraged students to analyse and experience different curatorial strategies. Venice is an opportunity to see a rich variety of approaches, from those employed by more traditional museums and private foundations, to the competing national pavilions, to the expansive keynote exhibition All the World’s Futures and its associated education and public program.

The main approach of CuMMA studies is to initiate and support new methods of producing, understanding and studying art and exhibition making through international collaboration and dialogue. During the excursion, students had an opportunity to make new contacts, network, strengthen professional team spirit. The Venice Biennale is a unique event, especially now when its exhibition programs are bringing attention to the most pressing issues for European and international society, such as the challenges associated with multiculturalism and immigration.




Photos: Mari Kemppinen, 2015