In April 2015 CuMMA collaborated with Stadtkuratorin Hamburg (curating public art of the city of Hamburg) as part of the course Contemporary Art and Art Exhibitions as Learning Environments. The seminar proposed to experiment with educational strategies and related curatorial questions. Together with Stadtkuratorin Hamburg, Hamburg postcolonial, HFBK students and Völkerkundemuseum CuMMA explored the possibilities of an art exhibition as a learning environment and got to now the postcolonial history of the city of Hamburg. With themes such as Who is speaking?, Space matters and Timing CuMMA addressed the power of speech in curatorial projects and in the public sphere, asked questions about the relation of material and social spaces and thought of new strategies for intervening in the modularisation and economisation of time. The seminar also consisted of practical workshops in the city of Hamburg, and two collaborative educational concepts were realised in Hamburg in summer 2016.



Photos by Darja Zaitsev