Curating the Public: A Conversation
23rd of February 2017
18.00 NODE Space, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th floor

Since 2006 I have been developing a curatorial practice where most of my
energy has been dedicated to build ecosystems of knowledge production and to compose the concerns of the public of an artwork – in other words I consider that curation relates first to the conditions of existence of an artwork before the work itself. I curate the public more than the artworks. Tonight, I will try to draw different influences and relations of this contemporary condition of curating. I will introduce a few intuitions, based on projects I did and on projects I followed, as subjects for a conversation.

Grégory Castéra
Grégory Castéra is a curator based in Paris, whose work engages institutional experimentation, collaboration, conversation and curation of research. His main field of interest is the ambivalence of introducing knowledge and practices in fields where their legitimacy is contested or not recognised. With Sandra
Terdjman, he is the founder and director of Council, a curatorial organisation that endeavours to initiate new forms of exchange between art, science and civil
society. Council follows the hypothesis that a better composition between different disciplines could result in better political representation.