What is a Third Space?
21st of September 2016
18.00 Third Space, Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, Helsinki

What would it be like if curating were not only understood in terms of representation—not representing nations and groups, tendencies, collections or schools, of areas and spaces, or even marginalized perspectives or practices of resistance?. This question will lead us along a path that takes us to performative and radical democratic artistic and curatorial strategies, following approaches from happening to situation/situating, research and intervention, examining models of the museum as forums, allowing ourselves to be challenged by post-dramatic discourses within the fields of dance and theatre, and encountering activist practices that defy representation altogether. Within this context, we will approach space as a social space, which Hannah Arendt calls a “space of appearance”, what James Clifford and Mary Louise Pratt call a “contact zone” or what Homi Bhabha calls a “Third Space”.

Airi Triisberg is an art worker based in Tallinn and Leipzig. Her activities include writing, curating and organizing. She is interested in the overlapping fields between political activism and contemporary art practices, issues related to gender and sexualities, collective working methods, self-organization, and struggles against precarious working conditions in the art field and beyond. Her recent projects include Art Workers – Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice (2015), a publication about art workers organising co-edited with Minna Henriksson and Erik Krikortz, and Get Well Soon! (2015), an exhibition articulating historical and contemporary moments when the experiences of living with illness and disability have been politicised in order to address critique against capitalist social order.

Ahmed Al-Nawas & Christopher Wessels are co-founders of Third Space in Helsinki. Third Space is a collective seeking to unsettle preconceived notions of the other. As cross border transcultural operatives we seek to erase the invisible lines that separate us.  Armed with the intangible weapon of sound and the understanding of the power of visual culture, we form cracks in knowledges situated around us. Based in Helsinki, Third Space facilitates site specific work focused on sound art, visual art, performance art and spoken word. Collaborations can take the form of workshops, exhibitions, lectures, installations and hacking sessions.