Thinking with Conditions: Art and Militant Research Today
8th of September
NODE SPACE, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th floor

‘Research militancy does not intend to be a new party line. It works – necessarily – on another plane’
– Colectivo Situaciones

As contemporary experiences of neoliberalism heighten the disparity between critique and what is actualised, how do we provoke encounters to link thoughts and words to life, and to build common practices of analysis and resistance? Drawing from histories of  ‘thinking with conditions’, radical pedagogy, anti-psychiatry and militant research, this presentation will look at the problems and possibilities they pose to arts organising today, particularly in relationship to Graham’s work building the Centre for Possible Studies – a neighbourhood based art and research project in London that uses popular methods to analyse inequalities in urban space.

Janna Graham
Janna Graham is an educator, organiser and curator who has developed radical pedagogy projects in and outside of the arts for many years. She was a founder of the Centre for Possible Studies, a popular education, art and research centre that links local people with cultural workers to study inequalities in urban space in London’s Edgware Road neighbourhood. She is a member of the artist collective Ultra-red.