Curating and the Art of (Un)silencing Resistances
16th of December 2015
NODE Space, Hämeentie 135 C

“For the critic must attempt to fully realize, and take responsibility for, the unspoken, unrepresented pasts that haunt the historical present.” (Homi Bhabha)

The talk undertakes a multifaceted inquiry into the politics and structures of silencing resistances and strategies for, to use Michel-Rolph Trouillot’s term, unsilencing them. Taking a critical look at curatorial strategies and museums the talk will focus on resistances in relation to historiographies and archives. Drawing on the works of scholars like Boyce Davies and Trouillot the talk will be centrally based on Johnston-Arthur’s ongoing unidisciplinary (Wallerstein) dissertation project on resistances and will also critically engage with Johnston-Arthur’s curatorial work.

Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur
Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur is the cofounder of PAMOJA. Movement of the Young African Diaspora in Austria and the Research Group on Black Austrian History and Presence/Pamoja. She has taught at the University of Vienna, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Linz (Social Work) and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is currently working on her unidisciplinary doctoral thesis on Resistances in the African Diaspora in Austria and teaching at Howard University in Washington D.C.