Before the Law the Key is Embarrasment
1st of December 2015
18.00 NODE Space

Inspired by the research around the show “Don’t Embarrass the Bureau”, that Matteo Lucchetti curated for the Lunds Konsthall in 2014, the lecture will revolve around artistic practices that are increasingly looking at complicated or flawed institutions in our society, outside of, or departing from, the reassuringly closed circuit of art.

Artistic practices that actively infiltrate bureaucratic structures that have an impact on the everyday life of millions of people, expose their contradictions, paradoxes and imminent sclerosis, or that sometimes take the shape of new parallel organizations that subvert the role that institutions performing society. While touching upon the genealogies of the office and bureaucracy, the lecture will focus on how the practices discussed connects with the current debate on the abuses of governmental authority to collect, store and use personal data, stimulated by the action of a few whistle-blowers, such as Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning, who leaked information and caused serious embarrassment to the Bureau, to say the least.

Matteo Lucchetti
Matteo Lucchetti (born 1984) is art historian, freelance curator, and writer. His major curatorial projects include: Don’t Embarrass the Bureau (Lunds Konsthall, Lund, 2014); Enacting Populism in its mediæscape (Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, 2012); Practicing Memory (Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, 2010). He co-directs the Visible project, a research and biennial award on socially engaged artistic practices, initiated and supported by Pistoletto Foundation and Fondazione Zegna.