Lecture by H.ARTA

28th of November, 2012, Media Factory Auditorium, Aalto University

Our practice as a group developed around projects that have an open pedagogical intention, projects that sometime are realized in an artistic frame and sometimes step out almost completely from the field of art. We want to use the methods and practical ideas that come from our education and practice as artists in order to create contexts in which new ways of looking at the world can emerge. These projects are sites for learning and producing knowledge that comes from concrete living situations, that is anchored in the everyday, that is partial and limited, and that puts in its centre issues such as: making clear who is speaking, from what position she speaks, and from where she knows what she knows. This way of using art as a methodology for understanding the social context, of enlarging the space for analysis and critique, for hopefully finding strategies for change, this way of constantly making visible the point of view from which we speak, of continually examining our own roles and position, cannot be done outside collective practices.

Exploring the issues of space, education and art as methodology, we use examples of some of our projects, fragments written in relation to our practice in different moments in time and questions formulated in connection to our work. Through these fragments we want to reflect on the possibilities of defining a position that is clear politically but that is always aware of its own limitations; a positions that wishes not only to react to the context but also, hopefully, to find ways for everyday changes; a position that is ready to use its risks of inadequacy or failure as ways to get to a reformulation of the spaces for action and to new questions.

– H.ARTA Group