Last CuMMA Discourse Series in 2017 on November 15th!

Welcome to join us for CuMMA DS lecture #42 with Barbara Steiner at MiF!

Talk with Barbara Steiner
On structures, frames and conditions in the field of the curatorial and the institutional
15th of November 2017, 19.15
Museum of Impossible Forms,
Kontula Shopping Centre, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 2nd floor, lk 21, Helsinki

In her lecture Barbara Steiner will talk about the frames and conditions of artistic and curatorial production. This not only implies to deal with interdependencies and intricacies but also to find formats and forms, which show this in the project/exhibition. For her, curating exhibitions is more than just presenting objects; it comprises the presentation of constraints, conditions and spheres of interests – be they of political or economical nature. This approach aims at talking about the framework of artistic and curatorial work already in the programme of an institution and in the exhibition itself.

Please, follow the link to read more about Steiner and her projects, and see you next Wednesday!

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