Next CuMMA Discourse Series #41 with Susann Schuppli on November 8th!

Talk with Susann Schuppli
From Screen Burns to Oil Spills
8th of November 2017, 19.15
Museum of Impossible Forms,

Kontula Shopping Centre, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 2nd floor, lk 21, Helsinki

CuMMA DS lecture with Susann Schuppli is happening next week already! Welcome!

You can read the abstract of the coming talk below and find out more about Schuppli if you follow the link:

Materials, whether naturally occurring, industrially manufactured, or computationally derived behave in essence as mediatic sensors that archive their complex interactions with the world, producing ontological transformations and informatic dispositions that can be forensically decoded and reassembled back into a history. I call these non-human entities and machinic ecologies material witnesses. Through the presentation of a series of cases and screening of clips this public lecture tries to account for the myriad ways in which the responsiveness of matter to external forces demands an acute and renewed sense of material and technical specificity in order to grasp the full political implications that such ongoing changes or interactions might yield.


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