CuMMA Discourse Series #39 with Osei Bonsu on October 17th at the Museum of Impossible Forms!

Talk with Osei Bonsu
The Economy of Living Things

17th of October 2017, 18:00
Museum of Impossible Forms,
Kontula Shopping Centre, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 2nd floor, lk 21, Helsinki

Welcome to this autumn’s first CuMMA DS lecture on the 17th of October!
Presenting his research project “The Economy of Living Things”, London-based curator and writer Osei Bonsu will draw upon fields of visual art, archaeology, music and literature to reveal an alternative map of modern migrations. Taking as point of departure the emergence of video art as a new frontier of documentary form, “The Economy of Living Things” is concerned with how artists capture the constant flow of bodies and the movements of plants, animals, artefact and other cultural products across real and imagined borders.
Click here to know more about Osei Bonsu and stay tuned for updates.

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