Opening of the “Under the Ground of our Times: (de)construction of collectivity in and through collection” in Pori Art Museum

On the first day of summer, welcome all to the opening of “Under the Ground of Our Times: (de)construction of collectivity in and through collection” exhibition curated by CuMMA students in Pori Art Museum!

The exhibition opens with the performance by Stockholm based choreographer and artist Tove Sahlin.
Stay tuned for more info and see you in Pori on the 1st of June at 18.00!

CuMMA paper #25 is out now!

Great news, the 25th CuMMA paper, an interview with cultural theorist, curator and poet Ranjit Hoskote is now released!
In their interview Ali Akbar Mehta and Vidha Saumya discuss with Hoskote
“obsessions of the imagination, influences and ‘acts of remembering, recalling, recounting, archiving, and extending forward’; as well as the need for a curatorial position as a function, the role of amnesia, and empathy within his curatorial interests as well as contexts as a writer and poet.”
Click here to read the full text and if you are interested in checking out the
previous papers as well, just click here.