CuMMA Discourse Series #38 with Natalie Bayer on April 4th at the Museum of Impossible Forms

Talk with Natalie Bayer
In-under-beyond National Regimes. Antiracism and Cultural Institutions
4th of April at 18:00
Museum of Impossible Forms,
Kontula Shopping Centre, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 2nd floor, lk 21, Helsinki.

Please join us for the next CuMMA DS lecture on April 4th at the Museum of Impossible Forms!
In her lecture Natalie Bayer, a scholar and curator based in Germany, will present her methodological design of a cultural institution for equality in the face of structural and institutional racism. Furthermore, Bayer will present and discuss terms and methodologies of collaboration, multiplicity and decentrality.

You can read about Natalie Bayer and her upcoming talk here.
And see you at the event!

CuMMA Paper #24, an interview with Felicity Allen, is released!

The 24th CuMMA Paper, an interview with London-based artist and writer
Felicity Allen, is out now! In the paper Allen discusses contemporary issues relating to educational practices in galleries and museums, and provides readers with holistic view drawn from her own experiences in the field.

Click here to read the interview and here if you want to check other papers as well.

CuMMA Paper #23, an interview with Gabu Heindl, is now online!

The 23rd CuMMA Paper “Situating Resistance. On reappropriation of public space” is out now and you can read it here.
In the interview Gabu
Heindl, an architect and urban researcher, “discusses
contemporary conditions of public space, radical architecture, and urban planning. She addresses the material side of social space, drawing connections
between architecture and curation within institutional frameworks”.

If you are interested in reading previous papers as well, just click here.

CuMMA Discourse Series #37 with Sophie Dyer and Solveig Suess on March 6th at 18.00

Talk with Sophie Dyer and Solveig Suess
Proxy-archives: touching without touching
6th of March 2017 at 18—20
TORI Space, Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9, Espoo

Welcome to our next CuMMA Discourse Series lecture with Sophie Dyer and Solveig Suess on 6th of March in the Tori Space at the Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9!

In their talk “Proxy-archives: touching without touching” graphic designers Sophie Dyer and Solveig Suess will present their recent work for the Bergen Assembly and delve into the problematics of dealing with archives from the perspective of exhibition design. Click here to read more about the upcoming talk.