CuMMA Paper #22 out now!

Great news, the 22nd CuMMA paper is now released!
Click here to read the text by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung — a founder and artistic director of the art space SAVVY Contemporary Berlin, titled
“ON EST ENSEMBLE ET ÇA VA WAKA. A Few Reflections on Navigating the Xenopolis”.

In this paper Bonaventure Ndikung meditates on ‘flight and escape’ as artistic expressions and elaborates on the issues of assembly and exhibition-making by taking us on detours around concepts of the Xenopolis, Undercommons/Fugitivity, and the Thirdspace. If you are interested in reading further and want to check out previous CuMMA papers as well, just click here to see the full site.