CuMMA Paper #20 released!

Good news everyone, the 20th CuMMA paper is out now! Click here to read the whole text by Nora Sternfeld with a title “Learning Unlearning”. In the article Sternfeld discusses the matter of unlearning and how it has been discussed as an important practice for challenging the value-encoding apparatus from inside the structure of knowledge production. She looks at the way how mediation of art is commonly understood and what if could become through the concept of unlearning. If you are interested in checking out the previous papers as well, just click here to see the full site.

CuMMA Discourse Series #32 at Third Space 21.9. at 18

Round table with Ahmed Al-Nawas, Christopher Wessels and Airi Triisberg
What is a Third Space?

21st of September 2016
Third Space, Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, Helsinki

This autumn’s first CuMMA Discourse Series lecture will be held at Third Space. Third Space collective seeks to unsettle preconceived notions of the other and to erase the invisible lines that separate us. Armed with the intangible weapon of sound and the understanding of the power of visual culture, collective forms cracks in knowledges situated around us. Round table talk with Ahmed Al-Nawas, Christopher Wessels (Third Space) and Airi Triisberg (art worker based in Tallinn) approaches questions of representation within the context of space as a social space, what Hannah Arendt calls a “space of appearance”, what James Clifford and Mary Louise Pratt call a “contact zone” or what Homi Bhabha calls a “Third Space”. You can read more about the upcoming lecture here.