CuMMA Discourse Series #31 with Brandon LaBelle 5.4.2016 at 18

Talk with Brandon LaBelle
The Invisible seminar: On the Night

5th of April 2016
NODE Space, Hämeentie 135 C

CuMMA Discourse Series lecture series continue with a talk with an artist, writer and theorist Brandon LaBelle, who works with sound culture, voice and questions of agency. His talk with the title “The Invisible seminar: On the Night” will focus on the topic of the Night and how it may provide a channel onto the politics of appearance and subject-formation. Can Night be used to consider forms of counter-public and work a space of transformation, in which all types of social and political questions are made to tremble? The talk is based on LaBelle’s ongoing research initiative The Invisible Seminar focusing on the theme of invisibility and how this relates to artistic production, social identities, and public life. You can read more about the upcoming lecture here.

CuMMA Discourse Series 2016
#31 Brandon LaBelle: The Invisible Seminar: On the Night, 5.4.2016
#32 Zasha Colah: An Error in Helsinki, 3.5.2016

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