CuMMA DS continue with a talk by Bernadette Lynch 23.2. at 18

Talk with Bernadette Lynch
The Museum As Contact or Conflict Zone?

23rd of February 2016
NODE Space, Hämeentie 135 C

CuMMA Discourse Series lecture series continue this spring 2016. We will hear interesting insights from art professionals in the field. The next talk will be given by Dr Bernadette Lynch who is now working as an Honorary Research Associate in University College London working on power, democracy, debate, conflict, contested collections and difficult subject matters in museums. Her talk with a title “The Museum As Contact or Conflict Zone?” will dig into contested museum practices and institutional potentialities and possibilities. You can read more about the upcoming lecture here.

CuMMA Discourse Series 2016
#30 Bernadette Lynch: The Museum As Contact or Conflict Zone? 23.2.2016
#31 Brandon LaBelle: The Invisible Seminar: On the Night, 5.4.2016
#32 Zasha Colah: An Error in Helsinki, 3.5.2016