CuMMA application period until Jan 15th, 2016



Curating, Managing and Mediating Art (CuMMA) is looking for new applicants. Apply by 15th of January 2016!

Admission period: December 1, 2015–January 15, 2016

Aalto University
Admission Services
PO Box 11110
FI-00076 Aalto

CuMMA is a two-year transdisciplinary major in contemporary art and its publics, providing a structure for reflection and acting, learning and organising in art institutions and the public sphere. At CuMMA we aim to explore possibilities to understand and shift the paradigms of contemporary art and the world around us. Thus we understand curating, educating and organising as ways of being active, of creating relations, and of being open for unexpected encounters, thoughts and knowledge.

The major comprises theoretical lessons, workshops, practical projects, excursions, and a thesis. Theoretical studies respond critically to the current practices of curating, educating and organising in the field of contemporary art. Mutually, the practical side of the CuMMA studies aims to (re)conceptualise and challenge the conventions of the art world. Together with its curatorial and educational core content, the major also gives its students insights in critical management studies of the cultural field. It employs experimental and intensive forms of study to give the students the opportunity to analyse institutional structures and invent new strategies of organisational thinking and practices.

CuMMA is led by Professor Nora Sternfeld in collaboration with lecturer Henna Harri.

CuMMA students in collaboration with EMMA Museum, Building Ote/Points of View 2015. Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA). Photo: Ella Tommila.

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