CuMMA collaboration with EMMA museum: Ote / Points of View

poster_www-v2In spring 2015 CuMMA started collaborating with EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, to create an exhibition in museum’s Areena space involving Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection. Finally the exhibition has taken concrete forms and will be opened to the public on 19.12.2015.

Ote / Points of View
EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Areena
opening Dec 18th 2015 at 17–19

In Ote / Points of View only one work from the Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection is displayed inviting the public to concentrate and take time with an artwork. In addition to focusing on the painting, the exhibition aims to confront the museum’s institutional framework and standardized setting for modernist painting. Via the public programme, audiences are invited to explore and test the many ways of being with an artwork in a museum space. Dancing and dining with the work are ways to stretch the limits of institutional space and behavior. A visit to Ote may result in a moment of sharing with strangers, friends or museum guards.

Read more about the upcoming exhibition from CuMMA’s site and EMMA’s website. Check out also Facebook for updated photos and information.

Graphic design by Juho Heikkinen

CuMMA DS with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur on Dec 16th at 18

Talk with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur
Curating and the Art of (Un)silencing Resistances

16th of December 2015
NODE Space, Hämeentie 135 C

CuMMA Discourse Series last lecture for the year 2015 will be given by researcher Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur from Howard University in Washington D.C. The talk Curating and the Art of (Un)silencing Resistances will go into the politics and structures of silencing resistances and strategies for unsilencing them, as well as focusing on resistances in relation to historiographies and archives. Read more about the upcoming lecture from here and get to know the previous CuMMA Discourse Series talks from here.

Call for applications 1.12.2015–15.1.2016


Curating, Managing and Mediating Art (CuMMA) is now looking for new applicants, apply by 15th of January 2016!

Admission period: December 1, 2015–January 15, 2016

Aalto University
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CuMMA is a two-year transdisciplinary major in contemporary art and its publics, providing a structure for reflection and acting, learning and organising in art institutions and the public sphere. At CuMMA we aim to explore possibilities to understand and shift the paradigms of contemporary art and the world around us. Thus we understand curating, educating and organising as ways of being active, of creating relations, and of being open for unexpected encounters, thoughts and knowledge.

The studies give students the opportunity to learn with and from artists, activists, practitioners and theorists. The content is actively developed in relation to the changing demands of the curatorial and cultural field. We put an emphasis on developing ways to promote each student’s own curatorial, theoretical and educational thinking. Our pedagogical models are based on shared expertise and exploratory learning, and are applied in order to create an open, conversational and dialogic space for learning and acting.

The major comprises theoretical lessons, workshops, practical projects, excursions, and a thesis. Theoretical studies respond critically to the current practices of curating, educating and organising in the field of contemporary art. Mutually, the practical side of the CuMMA studies aims to (re)conceptualise and challenge the conventions of the art world. Together with its curatorial and educational core content, the major also gives its students insights in critical management studies of the cultural field. It employs experimental and intensive forms of study to give the students the opportunity to analyse institutional structures and invent new strategies of organisational thinking and practices.

CuMMA is led by Professor Nora Sternfeld in collaboration with lecturer Henna Harri.

CuMMA students in collaboration with EMMA Museum, What are the past and future possibilities of a collection?, 2014. Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA). Photo: Ari Karttunen.