17th CuMMA Paper is now online!

The 17th CuMMA paper by curator Oriol Fontdevila is a short article about the possibility of understanding mediation as a space for dissent, a way of thinking art politically and to deal with the implications it can have in the art world. How to think mediation operating as a counter-hegemonic practice and not only point of contention, an immediate hurdle to the controversial power of artistic practice? In this article Fontdevila proposes how museums, collections, and curatorial and educational activities could work as mechanisms for both the articulation of dissent and the spreading of unprecedented artistry.

Oriol Fontdevila’s  Art and Conflict – A Survey at the Battlefield can be found from here. Read the other CuMMA Papers from here.

The article was originally commissioned in Spanish by Centre d’Art La Panera in La colección of the Ajuntament de Lleida, 2015.

16th CuMMA paper now online, an interview with Laurence Rassel

The 16th CuMMA paper by Henna Harri and Nora Sternfeld, is an interview with curator and former director of Barcelona’s Fundació Antoni Tàpies museum Laurence Rassel. In the interview Rassel explains how she and her team managed to turn a somewhat traditional museum space into a place of hospitality and encounter, of openness and experiments. Read more about how the museum succeeded in engaging with artistic practices from here, and get to know the previous CuMMA Papers from here.

CuMMA Discourse Series #26: Janna Graham – Thinking with Conditions

Talk with Janna Graham
Thinking with Conditions: Art and Militant Research Today

8th of September 2015
NODE SPACE, Hämeentie 135 C, 5th floor

Autumn’s first CuMMA Discourse Series starts with a lecture by Janna Graham, an educator, organiser, curator and founder of the art and research project Centre for Possible Studies in London. In her lecture Graham looks at the problems and possibilities radical pedagogy, anti-psychiatry and militant research pose to arts organising today. How do we provoke encounters to link thoughts and words to life, and to build common practices of analysis and resistance? Read more about the lecture from here and get to know the previous Discourse Series talks from here.