You can read the 14th CuMMA paper now online!

The 14th CuMMA by artists and historian Ilya Orlov is an article on what strategies for reflecting history should art have in its arsenals and how can art speak not merely about the political past but also about the past politically. The paper is based on A Revolutionary Museum After Ideology exhibition project that was realised together with Natasha Kraevskaya in 2014. In the paper Orlov talks about whether they managed to answer questions above and how they elaborated them during the artistic research process. Durind the spring semester 2015 Ilya Orlov also shared his views on the project with the same title in CuMMA Discourse Series lecture #25. If you really get carried away you can also read the other CuMMA Papers from here.

Discourse Series for Autumn 2015!

Dear friends of CuMMA, we are really happy to announce next autumn’s discourse series lectures, here they are and the titles will follow later on. Check out previous lectures here.

CuMMA Discourse Series #26
JANNA GRAHAM (radical educator, curator, London)
8th of September 2015, 18.00 NODE Space

CuMMA Discourse Series #27
MARIA LIND (director Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm and Professor of artistic research, Academy of Fine Art Oslo)
17th of November 2015, 18.00 NODE Space

CuMMA Discourse Series #28
MATTEO LUCCHETTI (curator, Brussels, co-director of the Visible project)
1st of December 2015, 18.00 NODE Space

CuMMA Discourse Series #29
ARABA EVELYN JOHNSTON-ARTHUR (theorist, activist, Howard University, Washington DC)
16th of December 2015, 18.00 NODE Space

The 13th CuMMA Paper now online!

The 13th CuMMA paper is an interview with curator and a researcher Sabine Dahl Nielsen and can now be found in our CuMMA website, just click here. In the interview by Diogo Messias, Elham Rahmati and Darja Zaitsev Sabine Dahl Nielsen shares her views on curating conflictual consensus, and how art institutions can function as politically engaged sites of conflict and negotiation. Read more about “the way out” and get to know other CuMMA Papers as well from here.