CuMMA Discourse Series #25: Ilya Orlov – A Revolutionary Museum After Ideology on May 20th at 18

Talk with Ilya Orlov
A Revolutionary Museum After Ideology

20th of May 2015
Seminar room 2055, Hämeentie 135 C

The recent transition in post-Soviet society from the political apathy of the last years to aggressive intolerance and nationalist mobilization of 2014 rises a new question for artists about their role in the society. How to re-politicize art in these new conditions? How can art speak no barely on political past, but on past politically? During the talk we will speak of the project A Revolutionary Museum After Ideology, that was made in the framework of Manifesta 10 Public program curated by Joanna Warsza, of its background, of the political and ethical discussions that surrounded the preparation of the project, and also of why an artist needs an awareness of the methods of historical studies and how this methods could be instrumentalized in artistic work.

Read more about the upcoming talk here.

The 12th CuMMA paper is online now!

The 12th CuMMA paper is an interview with Janna Graham and can now be found in our CuMMA website, just click here. In this interiew by Eva Forsman, Nina Suni, Ulla Taipale, Heidy Tiits, Annukka Vähänsöyrinki and Emilio Zamudio Graham shares her experience and insights into critical consciousness and popular-education work in the context of art institutions. How does radical education negotiate the hierarchical and author-oriented paradigms of the arts in relation to the interests of communities in struggle.