CuMMA Discourse Series #24: Magdalena Malm – Curating Agency on the 18th of Feb at 18

Lecture by Magdalena Malm
Curating Agency. Expanded Curatorial Practice – And the Need for New Organizational Structures

18th of February 2015
18.00-20.00, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

How can arts organisations meet the development of artistic practice? Since the 1960’s, but with a strong emphasis from the 1990’s on artists have expanded beyond the gallery space. They have reached out into new formats and materials, explored everyday life as the material of their production and developed works, which act in response to a site, situation or context. In what ways have the art institutions been able to follow this development? What consequences does it have when institutional structures are not updated according the how artists work? And what are the potentials in exploring new formats and structures?

Magdalena Malm is the Director of the Public Art Agency Sweden. She joined the agency in August 2012 and during her leadership she is redefining the direction of the Art Agency towards also including temporary projects and artists’ involvement in urban development.

Read more about the upcoming lecture here.

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