Next CuMMA Discourse series lecture by Dmitry Vilensky on Wed 17th of Sept

Dmitry Vilensky: Chto Delat and Method – On the Front lines of the Second Cold War

17th of Sept, 2014, 6-8 pm
Node Space

The events of recent months have lodged all the artists and creative workers of Ukraine and Russia between two brutally opposed countries – Russia with its cold war atmosphere, exaltation of the search for enemies, and the tightening repression of dissent in all forms, and Ukraine flung headlong into direct military confrontation.

What yesterday seemed the stuff of chimerical nightmares is today becoming reality, and artists and cultural workers, aiming to relate their work to the actuality of the time have wound up in a very complicated position. How can we carry on creating, speaking and living when we are all hopelessly frozen to our computer screens with anxiety, trying to make sense of the bloody mingling of contradictory and manipulated information, seething hatreds, madness, and desperation?

Nonetheless, the cultural producers bear a special responsibility for the right to speak, analyze, feel, and continue shaping values that not only free people from the affects of propaganda but also create a refuge from the inevitable future in which the catastrophe of our situation becomes full-blown, and we all realize that we can no longer live with it.

In this seminar we invite you to share experiences and discuss how the methods which Chto Delat has been developing for last decade can be tested at the moment of direct danger not just for cultural workers but for societies at large.

– Dmitry Vilensky

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