CUMMA Discourse Series # 13 – Carolina Rito:
The Curatorial At The Site Of Resonance

26th of March, 2014 6-8 pm
Node Gallery, Aalto Arts Arabia, Hämeentie 135C 5th floor Hki

What is at the site of the curatorial? In other words, what is at the site of the curatorial if the curatorial is neither a term applicable to curators’ work, nor to the final result of curators’ practice? What if this concept performs at a level where it evades its adjective-value, and becomes a noun/subject in its own right? Delving into regimes of visuality, regimes of enunciation, and knowledge production, the space of the curatorial will be devised alongside and in relation to the notion of listening and the materiality of sound. According to Jean-Luc Nancy, “To sound is to vibrate in itself or by itself: it is not only for the sonorous body, to emit a sound, but it is also to stretch out, to carry itself and be resolved into vibrations that both return to itself and place it outside itself.” (Nancy, 2007). How does one look at the space where sound resonates as an exteriority in itself? How can the curatorial be seen as the space of resonance, instead of a directional and framed gesture in relationship to a particular set of objects?

In order to address this problematic Carolina Rito and CuMMA students will set a conversation that aims to devise the space of the curatorial at the site of resonance. Among other references, the exhibition AYE/NO/ABSENT – A Collection of Realities, curated by CuMMA students at EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, will also be looked at. The presentation of this exhibition is intended to add entry points into the ways in which the sonorous realm operates, as much as its production of meanings / senses.

CUMMA Discourse Series # 13 – Carolina Rito: The Curatorial At The Site Of Resonance, 26th of March, 2014