CuMMA Discourse Series # 12 – Ruth Sonderegger: Possible Arts of Critique – Unruly Knowledge Production that goes beyond Critical Theory

27th of November at 6pm in Node Gallery Ruth Sunderegger will talk about different forms of unruly knowledge production that are activist as opposed to neutral and detached. Against the backdrop of questioning of the dividing line between theory and praxis and in search for forms of unruly knowledge production developed in collaboration with activists and as part of activist practices, she will engage in a dialogue with the writings of Gloria Anzaldúa. 

Exhibition: AYE / NAY / ABSENT – A Collection of Realities in EMMA

This week CuMMA has opened its exhibition AYE / NAY / ABSENT – A Collection of Realities in EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

With the guidance of their lecturer Henna Harri, the CuMMA students were invited to create an exhibition using the museum’s collection. The result is a research project investigating the varied realities of the collection, its art works and their locations around the city of Espoo. The students invited rtists Freja Bäckman and Ari-Pekka Leinonen as well as graphic designer Stefania Passera to collaborate in the production.


photo by Mikko Raskinen